Remind Information


  • When you receive your welcome text: DO NOTHING !
    You are registered. There is NO need to click on the link, or install an app, or do anything else. You are registered and will receive future text message reminders sent from the Great Banquet and Awakening communications team.
  • We have not sold your personal information to a marketer. (And we never will).
  • We will not overwhelm you with frequent messages from the Great Banquet and Awakening community.
  • We have registered every cell phone number received through the registration process, but if you are not receiving reminders follow the instructions to join the service.
  • The REMIND service is typically used by schools, however it may be used (for free) by other organizations, like us. During the registration process you are NOT required and should NOT join a school.
  • You will only receive messages from us (unless you already use the REMIND service with another group, school, or church).
  • Of course, you may stop the notifications at any time. TO STOP the notifications reply to the text message:
    • @LEAVE  - To leave all classes owned by Mid-South Great Banquet
    • @STOPALL  - To leave ALL classes on Remind