Reminders for Great Banquet and Awakening Events


Very often we hear...


"I wish I could be notified when candlelight services will be held. It meant so much to me and I don't want to miss a single future service."

"I wish someone would let me know when they have specific needs during the weekends. I would love to come help wherever needed."

"I would've been at the last Gathering / 4th Day / Send Off / Dedication / Community Event, but I just didn't know about it. How can I be notified?"

"I would like to hear information and news that happens between Great Banquet and Awakening weekends."

Now  You  Can !

We want you "plugged in" with upcoming community events and weekend needs.

In August 2017, the Great Banquet and Awakening community began using a new Cell Phone Text Messaging Service called REMIND. This service provides a quicker and more convenient way to notify community members using cell phone text messages. We use it to inform you about upcoming Great Banquet and Awakening community events and needs.

More Remind Information

To receive messages send the following text message:


to the number:


If you’re having trouble with 81010,
try texting @msgbawake to (501) 244-3816.

Keep "plugged in" with the community by using the REMIND service. You will see that we will not overwhelm you with too many text messages. Others have found it useful to stay informed with upcoming events, community needs, and keep in closer contact with your Great Banquet and Awakening friends.


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