Before the Weekend



First, pray and seek God's will about participating in the three-day event.

You may read more about the Great Banquet by following this link to the History of the Great Banquet



If God has called on your heart to participate in the weekend, then answer that call and register for an upcoming weekend by clicking on the "Guest" or "Sleeper" registration button. Locate a sponsor from the community and they can help answer any questions you may have about the weekend. Your sponsor is an excellent resource and they will continue to guide and counsel you as the weekend draws near.


What to bring:

  • Twin bed sheets & blanket or sleeping bag.
  • Your favorite pillow.
  • Personal items, tooth brush, shaving stuff, etc.
  • Towels and washcloths (enough for three days)
  • Any medicine in a prescription bottle with YOUR name.
  • Casual, loose, comfortable clothes for all three days (seasonal appropriate)
  • A lightweight jacket or sweater (the temperature in the conference room will vary)
  • Great Banquet Guests:
    • Eat supper before you come on Thursday evening, as there will be no meal served on Thursday.
    • Cigarettes (if you are a smoker, please bring enough for the weekend)
      NOTE: Awakening weekends are smoke-free events.

Do NOT to bring:

  • Cell phone
    Yes, please don't bring your cell phone.
  • Watch or timekeeping device
    We will make sure you get up in time.
  • Personal electronics, like: iPods, computers or tablets
    You won't need them.
  • Valuables and cash
    We will supply you with everything you may need.

When Great Banquet & Awakening events require increased social distancing, COVID Guidelines policies have been drafted. You may view them here: