Welcome to the Community

Points to Remember

The Great Banquet/Awakening weekends are instruments of Christian renewal. Their purpose is to train people who will become spiritually aware and solid leaders in their own churches. Do not develop a "holier-than-thou" attitude. The Great Banquet/Awakening weekends are just one of MANY instruments of holiness.


Do not bug people -- especially clergy to attend the Great Banquet/Awakening weekends. This often creates the impression that the Great Banquet/Awakening is absolutely necessary for salvation.  IT IS NOT!


Do not compare the Great Banquet/Awakening with a retreat. They are two different instruments of renewal. They complement each other, the Great Banquet/Awakening weekends are once-in-a-lifetime-experiences.


Do not form cliques or special societies among yourselves. This is not Christ-like and is repugnant to those who have not had the opportunity to attend the Great Banquet/Awakening, or who are not interested in attending the weekend.


Do not act as though the Great Banquet/Awakening communities are secret societies. When people ask, tell them what the Great Banquet/Awakening weekend meant to you.


Offer your services, whatever they may be, to your pastor. Together with him/her and other parishioners you are the church in your area. You need the pastor, and he/she needs you to be involved in personal ministry. Do not be negatively critical of his/her plans and programs. You may not have all the facts.


When you wish to seek spiritual counsel or talk a matter over with your your pastor, be courteous and ask when it would be convenient for him/her to see you. He/she is your servant, yes, but the pastor also has many other persons to serve. Do not think your are special because you have attended a Great Banquet/Awakening weekend.


Attend your weekly reunion group and attend Great Banquet/Awakening community Gatherings.  The Great Banquet/Awakening does not pretend, nor is it able to give a complete Christian formation in three days, you are wrong! You have just begun anew.

Things You Should Know

Your Reunion Group is the Most Important Part of Your 4th Day. Be diligent in setting one up, and be faithful to it. Don't be afraid to change groups if you do not feel comfortable in the group you join.


You may not be on a team right away, but you can serve the community and express your support by working in the kitchen or on one of the support committees. Committee chairpersons and their phone numbers are available in the newsletters for you to volunteer in the area of your choice.


If you want to serve on a future team, please fill out the online Volunteer Sheet.


The Candlelight on Saturday night and the Closing on Sunday evening are open to all who have attended a similar event, such as Great Banquet, Awakening, Walk to Emmaus, Cursillo, Chrysalis, etc. Those who have not attended a renewal event are welcome at the community Gatherings. Children should not attend either, no childcare is provided.


There is a desire in each of us to want to be near the heart of the Great Banquet/Awakening because we have wonderful memories of our own experience, but remember the weekend is for the guests. They are at the weekend to remove themselves from their day-to-day contacts and circumstances. the community needs to respect this aspect of the Great Banquet/Awakening weekends. Therefore, do not linger around the conference room to hear a talk. If you are working in the kitchen or in the building for any reason, limit your contact with the guests/sleepers and team members. Do not come to the kitchen area during Saturday's entertainment unless you have signed up to serve the meal.


Your spouse is encouraged and welcome to come to the 4th Day meeting following the Great Banquet/Awakening weekend (Date / time / location will be announced at Closing and on the web site.) They will also be given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the weekend in general.


You are now a potential sponsor. As such you have certain duties and responsibilities, not the least of which is deciding whom to sponsor.