What Happens After the Weekend?

One of the most important parts of the Great Banquet and Awakening is the follow-up. Although the weekend lasts only three days, you are invited to use its lessons for the rest of your life. After attending the Great Banquet and Awakening, you are challenged to:

  • Strengthen your own spiritual life through study and active congregational participation; and
  • Strive to become an active disciple of Jesus Christ in the world through your church.

To assist you in your discipleship, the Great Banquet and Awakening events offer specific opportunities:

First, reunion groups of three to five people meet weekly to examine their goals of spiritual growth and to encourage one another to a life of discipleship.

Second, there will be opportunities to assist in future Great Banquet and Awakening weekends through prayer, support and team involvement.

Third, you are made aware of community needs through a newsletter of other Great Banquet and Awakening weekends, both locally and regionally.


Join a Reunion Group.

Visit the Reunion Group page and find a group that meets near where you live or work, or start a group of your own.  Either way, this is the best way for you to remain close with your Great Banquet and Awakening friends to share and be accountable to other Christians.


Attend Meetings and Gatherings.

There are regularly scheduled Great Banquet and Awakening events. These events include: Potluck Gatherings, Team potluck dedications, Weekend Send-offs & Closings, 4th Day, and more...


These events are normally held at churches in the area: Memphis, Bartlett, Millington, Atoka, Cordova, Brownsville, Jackson, TN, and Olive Branch, MS.


Review the calendar to find out when and where upcoming activities and events are to be held.


Take Time to Volunteer.

The best way to stay active and involved in the community is to volunteer to participate in upcoming events and activities.

  • Sponsor guests / sleepers at future weekends.
  • Submit your application to volunteer as a team member at future weekends.
  • Participate in the 72-hour prayer vigil.
  • Prepare agape for the team and guests / sleepers.
  • Donate conference room snacks and drinks or meal items.
  • Show up during the weekend meal times to help out wherever it is needed.